What Makes Synergi Recruitment Stand Out? Hiren Talks about Relationships, Values and Learning Opportunities

Posted 3/7/2020 by Danielle Robyn

Despite only joining #TeamSynergi a month ago, Hiren has hit the ground running and quickly discovered the three distinct principles which enable Synergi Recruitment to stand out from the rest. After working in education recruitment previously, the move to Synergi meant he was about to learn about the industry all over again.

We spoke to Hiren about why he decided to take the leap and transition from education recruitment into manufacturing recruitment and why Synergi was the perfect fit for him.

Why does Synergi stand out?

“The company culture and the opportunity to learn about the recruitment 

process, the sector and different opportunities for training and development definitely makes Synergi stand out from the rest. The processes that they follow and the level of expectation that everyone should be working towards at Synergi really raises the bar.

They focus on building relationships with candidates and all work together. There’s an amazing team of senior consultants here who are willing to help you along with the professional training that Synergi offers, you couldn’t beat it anywhere else. I have actually learnt more in my first month at Synergi than I have in the last six months.”


Why is the recruitment manufacturing a great industry to be in?

“Despite the circumstances of 2020, Synergi are still creating opportunities, building relationships and thriving in an industry they value and understand. The manufacturing sector as a whole has been one of the few industries which has been busy, and companies are continuously looking for engineers.

A lot of companies have had to make redundancies but Synergi have kept their head above the water, continued working alongside industry professionals and have shown the true value of recruitment for the manufacturing industry. It’s an industry which is constantly growing, there’s always something to do and there’s a lot to learn along the way. After learning about the journeys everyone has been through with the company, the learning and training opportunities and areas for progression, I know this is the place for me.”

For more information about working at Synergi, get in touch with a member of the Synergi team!


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