We specialise in engineering vacancies for the following manufacturing industries: FMCG, automotive, distribution and pharmaceutical.

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Synergi’s recruitment consultants are well known for their excellence in customer service. We ensure they have an extensive induction programme, and are supported by ongoing training throughout their Synergi career. Our consultants take the time to keep up to date with the job markets in your region and are constantly engaging with the best local talent to match the right candidate with the right vacancy.


We have great jobs for high calibre candidates across the UK. We work with clients of all sizes within the manufacturing and distribution sectors, including household names and major brands with multiple sites around the country, as well as family run businesses. If you are looking for your next chapter in the FMCG, automotive, distribution and pharmaceutical sectors, get in touch today!


Our aim is to be an extension of your business, working in partnership with you, adding value and reducing spend by providing great recruitment solutions. Your account will be looked after by a consultant specialising in your geographical area; the needs of the job market varies from region to region, so they will understand your pain points and have built up relationships with exceptional local talent.

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New Blood

New Blood

*Joe, ready for work. Engineering recruitment, much like Football, is never going out of fashion. Long as there’s two people left on the planet, there’s always going to be a client and a candidate. But nothing is going to entice either to come to your recruitment agency more than good presentation, and what better way ... read more...

Diversity, Inclusion and Social Impact – are we doing enough?

Diversity, Inclusion and Social Impact – are we doing enough?

Diversity, Inclusion and Social Impact – are we doing enough? No, there I said it, we are not doing enough. Is it because we don’t have a strategy, is it because we don’t have enough time or are we just lazy and revert back to our usual hiring talent pools and ways of working? Well, honestly, it is a combination of all... read more...